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Born in Inglewood and raised in Los Angeles, California Antwon King was born to do music.  His mother and father were both avid music lovers and always played music in the house.  Soul and R&B tunes blasted from the stereo constantly which made his appreciation for music grow.  One day his baby sitter at the time put on a record that would change his life! The record was called “Eric B. is President” and he has been an avid hip hop fanatic ever since.  Throughout his life, he has seen his friends join gangs and go to jail for selling drugs.  You would think somebody raised in South Central LA would glorify violence and crime like so many other rappers, but Antwon isn’t your ordinary rapper, he decided to take another route.  He began writing poetry in school, mainly to get the attention of the girls he had his eye on, but soon those poems became hip hop songs. He cites Rakim, Nas, and Tupac as his greatest influences and his style is a combination of everything and everyone that has inspired him.  A God-fearing man who is active in his Community, he states “I want my music to inspire people and still make their head nod.  I make soul music in every sense of the word with a hip hop twist on it.”   


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We did it yall!! 

Man i have to say that God is so good, was nominated for 3 awards at the Ventura County Music Awards and last night I took home for Best R&B. Thank you to all who voted and shared, go check the pics on my IG and Facebook. and thank you all again!

Ventura count music awards 2017 

Blessed to be nominated for 3 VCMA awards this year . Vote for me in the Best Rap,Best HipHop and Best R&B categories . You can vote for me by clicking on the link . Vote and share it . Thank you !!!! 

Ventura County Music Awards 2016 

wassup everyone, just wanted to let you know that i have been nominated for the 2016 Rap for Ventura county music awards, make sure you go and vote for me and leave me a comment letting me know you stopped by for support! Really appreciate all the love out there. here's the link go an vote vote vote!!

Gigmaster - Review 

Antwon was an absolute professional AND he was a gentleman. Great combination. Our requirements were exceeded and our guests were thoroughly happy withe quality of the entertainment. Plus he was fun. Hoping to find another reason to use Antwon in the near future. 

- Darryl W 


"I'm really feeling the latest from Antwon. One Day definitely delivers a message and is highly relatable. The g-funk overtones laced with r&b jazzy layers and smooth rhymes really give this song that added flavour. This really reminds me of classic 90's West Coast hip hop. "